Asians React after British Etiquette Expert Said Rice Shouldn’t Be Eaten with Just Hands

Different countries have different beliefs, cultures, customs, and ideals. One thing that is perfectly normal in one country might be taboo in another! What’s important is that we accept each other’s differences, right?

Well, one British etiquette expert has earned the ire of Asians everywhere after he said that rice shouldn’t be eaten with just your hands. Considering that rice is a staple Asian dish, a lot of Asians have reacted to the statement – especially because many had stumbled on the article while eating, coincidentally with just their hands! LOL.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember we always use a knife and fork or chopsticks to eat rice! We do not use our hands or fingers!!! 😨” wrote The Royal Butler in tweet that’s gained close to 4,000 comments.

While many said that The Royal Butler is British etiquette expert who was probably targeting a British audience, a lot of Asians felt offended by the remark. Many believe that it was insensitive, considering that so many Asians use their hands for eating.

Many believe that being British, The Royal Butler has no authority over something that’s totally Asian. Of course, Asians can’t also claim to be the only ones eating rice, yet a lot think that it was too much of The Royal Butler to make this statement.

Says the people who don’t was their butt with water and step into their house with shoes on (which has already been contaminated by God knows what). At least I know where my hand touched. Do you know how they clean the cutleries and what mouths have touched those cutleries,” one Asian netizen wrote.

Photo credit: Her Zendagi

In the comments section, there are actually a lot of similar comments.

Colonisers shouldn’t be dictating how to eat rice when the varietals you colonizers eat were domesticated from Asia and Africa so you should learn how we do it. We, Koreans, eat rice with spoons and with hands (kimbap). The Japanese on the other hand have their onigiri,” another pointed out.

Oooops. What’s your take on this issue?