Anne Curtis asks: More challenging roles for my sis

Jasmine Curtis-Smith always proves her passion for acting and never based it in big and overrated roles being given that her artistry was first noticed after doing indie films.

Even if it comes to cameo roles in television shows or doing starring roles in films, Jasmine is known for her professionalism and will play any parts wholeheartedly and with the same dedication.

Image from Jasmine Curtis-Smith Instagram account

More than anything, I simply want to act, really. As long as people are interested in seeing my work, and I’m given a chance or platform to showcase my talent and what I can do, then I’m happy,” she said in an interview.

She recently appeared in a primetime show of GMA Network entitled “Sahaya” as a humiliated Badjao mother of the main character.

She was praised by many fans and actors for the superb acting she had shown especially during the pilot episode which made the viewers hooked.

After finding herself in the spotlight and becoming the talk of the town, her older sister, Anne Curtis, showed her greatest support and even suggested the network to give more challenging roles to Jasmine just like the last one.

Image from Jasmine Curtis-Smith Instagram account

Jasmine is grateful for the amount of support she received and said, “It’s flattering that some people see me that way, it means they want me to have more exposure. I just keep a positive outlook and remind myself that not all actors have the same opportunities.”

Be it in the center of the limelight or not, she has already proven her worth as one of the fine actresses for this generation after bagging several awards from the most sought-after film festivals including Cinemalaya, Famas, Cinema One Originals, and the Metro Manila Film Festival.

That’s the one thing I’m sure of—I know I have it in me to deliver and give my best,” she humbly said.

Image from Jasmine Curtis-Smith Instagram account

Jasmine is currently working on a new horror movie “Maledicto” locally produced by Fox Philippines and directed by Mark Meily, showing in cinemas nationwide starting on May 1. This is a new environment for her acting career but she takes it as a challenge positively.

It’s good that I’m doing different types of shows, so they would have a better idea on where to put me in the future, or how I fit in their network,” she added.

SOURCES: Instagram | Inquirer