Angry Customer Gives Seller Low Rating for Delivering Order in Just 1 Day

Everyone hates sellers who take a very long time to ship out orders but one customer angered netizens after he gave a low rating to a seller, just because the seller delivered his order in just 1 day!

Jace Sarmiento, seller of Jar Treats Gourmet, was surprised when their shop received a low rating on Lazada. So, he messaged the buyer to ask what might have gone wrong with the order. After all, the shop delivers the items through Lazada-affiliated couriers. Maybe the rider dropped the order or something and might have caused the jars to break.

Photo credit: Jace Sarmiento / Facebook

To his surprise, however, the buyer angrily told him that he’s just after the customers’ money because he delivered immediately. According to the buyer, Lazada orders often arrive at their house after at least 3 days but the items he ordered from Sarmiento arrived in just 1 day!

This angered the buyer because, apparently, he felt that he did not have time to prepare enough cash to pay the order as it arrived too soon! Tsk. Tsk.

Although he was the one who made the order and should have made sure that he had money available to pay the seller when the order arrives, the buyer was angry that the order was delivered too soon. While most buyers would applaud such a fast transaction, this buyer was furious that the seller was too fast. LOL.

Not content with giving the seller a low rating, the buyer actually sent a complaint ticket to Lazada! Tsk. Tsk.

But Sarmiento is confident that Lazada would take his side. After all, where in the world is fast service ever a mistake, huh? Netizens have also come to his defense and are now ordering from his store in hopes that they can also experience 1-day delivery service because they haven’t tried that before!