Angel Nurses Protect Newborn Babies in 6.1-Magnitude Earthquake, Video Goes Viral

During an earthquake or any other emergency situation, it is human nature to flee and save himself/herself, but a group of nurses at a birthing home went viral for putting their lives at risk as they protected the helpless newborn babies in the facility.

Footage taken from the CCTV inside the facility showed how the nurses ran to protect the babies, picking some up or using their bodies as shield over the cots just in case the ceiling might fall on them. This happened during the 6.1-magnitude earthquake that hit Hualien, Taiwan last April 18.

In the footage, the cots and carts inside the facility began to shake and roll around as the earthquake hit the area. Instead of running out to save themselves, these nurses knew it was their duty to protect these helpless babies who, obviously, could not get out of the building by themselves.

Two of the nurses picked up the ones that were crying as they were disturbed by the earthquake, while another one quickly gathered the cots together to prevent these from rolling around the facility.

With the quake being at 6.1 magnitude, the building was shaking hard and the cots could have fallen on their sides. But the angel nurses made sure this would not happen at all. For this, they were praised by netizens and called heroes.

The earthquake had shut down the subway services and led to the evacuation of people out of the buildings. There were some casualties reported, but many are thankful that more lives remained safe – especially these babies whose angel nurses never left them alone to fend for themselves.

Thankfully, the nurses and the babies as well as the other people in the facility were safe.

Watch the CCTV footage here:

Source: RachFeed