Angel Locsin Skips ABS-CBN Ball, Directly Donates What She’s Supposed to Spend in the Event

One of the most awaited red-carpet events in the Philippines, the ABS-CBN Ball is not just the best time to watch our favorite stars dress up in their best costumes to grace the event, it is also an event held for a noble cause.

This year, the ball aims to raise funds for the Bantay Edukasyon program of Bantay Bata 163, the brainchild of the late Gina Lopez.

Stars attended the ball in glamorous ensembles, with almost everyone following the theme of modern Filipiniana attire. Plenty of stars shone in their stellar gowns as they attended the event and helped raise funds for the cause.

Angel Locsin at last year’s ball; Photo credit: Star Cinema / ABS-CBN News

But there were stars who were notably absent from the ball – and these did not escape their fans’ notice!

For instance, fans had been waiting excitedly for what Angel Locsin would wear on the red carpet this year; but it turned out the star decided she wouldn’t grace this year’s ball with her presence. But fans would soon be more in awe of their favorite actress upon learning that it’s all for a noble cause.

Considering that this is a glamorous event wherein the entire country’s media is going to focus on, stars aim to dress and look their best! This means that many of them spend a lot of money, even thousands of pesos for a gown, just to look awesome for the cameras and to please their fans.

Photo credit: The Filipino Times

While Angel salutes her friends who attended the ball to help raise money for the cause, she chose to directly donate everything that she’s supposed to spend in the event!

I salute my friends at the ABS-CBN Ball who are doing their share to promote awareness on children’s rights and to help the beneficiaries of Bantay Bata 163 get the education that everyone deserves,” Angel wrote on her Instagram account on Saturday, as the ball was in progress.

As for me, I decided to do my share in a way that I could probably be more of use. I think it would be better for me to donate directly to Bantay Bata the amount that I’m supposed to spend in the ball. It’s not much, but will help make a difference to someone else’s life.

Aside from making a direct donation to Bantay Bata 163, she also calls on her fans and netizens to support the program “to help a child have a bright future”.

For those who would like to help a child to have a bright future, please donate to Bantay Bata 163,” she added.

Kudos, Ms. Angel Locsin! You are truly one of our best superheroes!

Sources: ABS-CBN News, The Filipino Times