Amid Hoarding Stories, Pinay Chemist Makes and Gives Away Free Bottles of Alcohol

There are so many stories of hoarding that angered netizens, but one Pinay chemist warmed hearts after making and giving away free bottles of alcohol for those in need.

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Meg Reyes-Sy is a licensed chemist who lives in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Amid the problems with hoarding and having a very limited supply of alcohol across Metro Manila and other areas in the country, she thought about helping out in the way she could – by using her skills as chemist to help.

She can’t be in the frontlines because she’s not a doctor or help at the borders as she’s not in the military, but as chemist she could make alcohol to help those who need it but could not get their hands on a bottle because there are no more sold in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Photo credit: Meg Reyes-Sy / Facebook

Meg wrote on Facebook:

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to go back to my roots as a licensed chemist so I could help people in need.

I will be giving away FREE 70% ethyl alcohol to anyone who would be needing them. Why? Because I am honestly heartbroken as to how selfish other people could be. I’ve been seeing posts about those people WHO ACTUALLY NEED ALCOHOL and couldn’t by them anymore because it’s out-of-stock in groceries.

We are living in a time where fear leads us to be selfish – where humanity is almost non-existent. I’m not doing this to be famous! HINDI KO KAILANGAN SUMIKAT! I’m doing this because it is the humane thing to do and I hope this random act of kindness can be an instrument for us to help each other in these hard times.

I’m using 97% cosmetic grade ethanol for this and purified drinking water. I’ve also put a moisturizer so that you won’t have dry hands when you use it. Baka kasi mag taka kayo sa feel. Haha.

How to Avail

Photo credit: Meg Reyes-Sy / Facebook

So how can you avail?

  1. I am prioritizing those people who have elderly or infants at home as well as those who have low immune systems (with autoimmune disease) who cannot buy alcohol as of now.
  2. You will need to send me a selfie of these people in your household as proof. Haha. Please send me your biggest smiles 😁
  3. I will only give out 250mL per person so I could give to a total of 100 people. I only bought a limited number of stock because Mej mahal din guize haha. So the more people I could help, the better.
  4. You need to provide me with a container for your alcohol. Old alcohol containers are welcomed. Let’s reuse them because I am also an advocate of less waste.
  5. You will need to only shoulder the grab fee from and to your house. That’s the only thing that you need to pay.
  6. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL: I want you to pay this forward to any person who would need your help in any way. May it be an old lady crossing the street or a mom holding a lot of groceries. JUST DO ONE ACT OF RANDOM KINDNESS. I don’t need proof! I want you to do it from the heart!

To contact Meg on her Facebook account, click here.

As of press time, Meg’s stock has been depleted but she is already trying to buy more from her suppliers and will update everyone once she has more alcohol available. Thank you, Meg!