Amid Duterte’s Advice to ‘Tour Your House’, Netizen Posts Hilarious ‘Vacation’ Photos

When President Rodrigo Duterte announced the community quarantine in Metro Manila, he knew that this would be received with complaints by the citizens. So, he made an advice that was part real, part joke to ‘tour your house’ because there might still be some parts you haven’t explored yet.

Pwede kayong magbakasyon diyan lang sa bahay. Avoid… I’m sure may mga bagay-bagay diyan sa bahay na hindi pa ninyo nakita. If I were a student, estudyante man rin ako noon, I would avoid ‘yung mga – — mga bar-bar ano diyan, mga nightclub, ‘yung maraming tao where people congregate tapos nandiyan malapit kayo,” the president advised.

Mag-ubo ‘yung isa, mapasa niya. ‘Pag nakuha mo, nag-ubo ka, pasa mo rin doon sa kabila. Try to avoid people, crowds — ‘yon, sa ano — for your own protection.

After that community quarantine order, one netizen went viral for taking things a little too literally as he went on a tour in his home. Netizen Joemari Signe Maglinte lives in Mabini, Misamis Occidental; so, technically, he’s not included in Duterte’s order and advice, but he made a lot of netizens laugh with the hilarious photos that went viral.

In his post, Joemari shared photos taken around the house, with clever captions that transformed parts of this home into various tourist spots. LOL.

Here are his photos, with the corresponding clever captions:

Bisto Virginia Bar North Korea

Up Side Down the CR I fail 2ware

Center Piece Rotating Table Paris

Fuel Source of the Philippines

Acienda De Banana ne Unggoy Greenland

Monkey jungle safari supercrunch

At Shangri La lobby Venezuela😅

Waiting for my Flight to Maldives

Kitchen Warrior Arizona

Hotel del Luna Sangri La

Da Vince Painting England

Monalisa Exhibit France

Manila Ocean Park

Piggery Department BMeG Industry

Portland Ireland

Great wall of the house

SM See Side Line

Kalderos de bali na c Indonesia

Baboyan Island

Tangkong Disneyland Waterfalls Parkings

Camp Sawi sa piggery

Villa Sanginga village

So Cold here in Iceland so I need to haling2x😅

Michigan Famous Restaurante de paniki🤣

Philippine Airlines CR de Socialan Kikiio

Under the Hanger Bridge Rest Room New York

Kris TV kitchen🙃

Underground River Palawan Pawnshop😅

South Africa Sunkiss Forest🙃

Boracay Island with hinayhay (sinampay) backdrop😂

Garden of Eden with Talisay Tree at the back😅

LOL. Best vacation in the house?