American Woman Managed to Fly from Davao with Pinoy Baby in Luggage; Passed X-ray Checks at NAIA

Remember that American woman who was apprehended for trying to fly out of the country with a 6-day-old Pinoy baby in her luggage? An investigation done by authorities showed that she was actually able to slip through the security checks in Davao City to fly the baby to Manila!

Jennifer Erin Talbot, 43, of Ohio, was first reported to be flying to the US but was actually heading for Narita, Japan, with the baby in tow, said Bureau of Immigration (BI) supervisor on duty Allan Canonizado.

The American woman was able to slip through the security checks as she would hide the baby inside the oversized belt bag but would take it out every time she needs to put her bags through the x-ray machines. She managed to fly out of Davao without the baby being discovered.

Photo credit: PhilStar

Talbot did the same thing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) but an eagle-eyed airport employee saw her carrying the baby which she covered in a sweater. What’s alarming is that this happened at the boarding gate! That means the American had also slipped through the security checks inside NAIA.

Upon checking, Talbot had no papers to show that she is legally allowed to travel with the baby outside the country.

However, Talbot was carrying a notarized letter from the child’s mother who supposedly gave consent for her to process the baby’s US visa application. But this letter is not enough for her to legally bring the baby outside the Philippines or even travel with it anywhere by themselves.

Based on the investigation, the child’s mother was identified as Maricris Dulap; however, though she supposedly gave consent for Talbot to bring the baby through the notarized consent letter, Dulap did not sign the document.

It was determined that Dulap met Talbot online while she was still pregnant; she agreed to let Talbot adopt the baby. Officials are checking whether Dulap and her husband were paid to give their child to Talbot. US authorities confirmed that Talbot had a clean record in the US.

Photo credit: Yahoo! News

When asked why she tried to bring the baby out of the country, Talbot claimed she only wanted to give the baby “a name and a church blessing”.

Authorities are now checking the security lapses at Davao City International Airport that allowed Talbot to bring the baby out of the city without proper documents, especially because there’s a local law that requires city clearance for infants to be transported by a foreigner.

Talbot will be facing charges. The child’s parents will also be charged under child protection laws. Meanwhile, the child is currently under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Photo credit: Yahoo! News, PhilStar, The Epoch Times