Ambulance Being Used for Family’s Holy Week Outing Angers Netizens, Driver in Trouble

The regular holidays during the Holy Week plus the weekends had been a chance for many families to enjoy a vacation. Many flocked to various tourist attractions and holiday spots just to have fun – and a lot went to resorts, beaches, rivers, and various water holes to cool off from the scorching summer heat.

But an ambulance driver is now in trouble after taking his service vehicle to bring his family to their Holy Week outing!

A netizen, KC Jane (full name withheld for security reasons), was also on a family outing during the Holy Week when they spotted the ambulance under the Amnay Bridge at Barangay Pag-asa in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.

Photo credit: KC Jane – Facebook / KAMI

With the markings ‘LGU-Sablayan’ on its side as proof that it belongs to the local government, KC Jane snapped a photo of the ambulance and shared this on social media. She questioned whether what this driver and his family did was right or wrong, especially considering that they were using an ambulance which is a vital emergency vehicle!

Akala ko may aksidente sa ilalim ng Amnay Bridge ayun pala ginawang service for family outing. Tama ba o mali ang kanilang ginawa??” KC Jane wrote on Facebook.

As expected, the post met with a lot of anger from netizens who knew that what this driver and his family did was very wrong. Public vehicles should not be for private use – and emergency vehicles should always be ready for emergency situations, definitely not for the driver’s family outing!

Sablayan Mayor Eduardo Gadiano confirmed to GMA News that the ambulance, with plate number SKT 741, belongs to the town. The driver is supposed to be assigned at the north part of town, the mayor confirmed.

Photo credit: KC Jane / GMA News

While the driver’s identity was withheld, pending further investigation, the mayor said he will certainly face appropriate disciplinary action for what he did.

Kailangang bigyan ng disciplinary action ‘yung driver dahil mali ‘yung ginawa niya. Tatlo lang pinagpipilian ko sa kanya: suspension, termination, o mag-resign siya, kasi mali ang ginawa niya,” Mayor Gadiano told GMA News.

Sources: GMA News, KAMI