“Alis Ka Dyan Kuya!” Woman Forces Her Way into Barangay Under ‘Hard Lockdown’

A woman earned everyone’s ire after forcing her way into Barangay 156 in Caloocan despite the ‘hard lockdown’ being imposed in the area. She also tried to defy the cops many times, telling them to get out of her way because her face is already getting burned by the sun. Uh-oh…

Axis AppleMheann Adevino shared a video of the woman, later identified as Mickaela Manzon y Tahum, as she argues with the cops at the checkpoint located at the service road at the boundary of Barangay 156.

Photo credit: Axis AppleMheann Adevino / Facebook

Due to the increasing number of cases in the barangay, it has been placed under ‘hard lockdown’ for 2 days, starting from 12:01 a.m. of Wednesday to 11:59 p.m. of May 15, Friday. Under the ‘hard lockdown’ rules, the following guidelines are imposed throughout the period:

  • Residents must strictly stay in their homes and will not be allowed to go outside even if they have quarantine passes.
  • No one will be allowed to enter or exit from Barangay 156.
  • Non-essential establishments and workplaces will be closed.

Only residents with medical emergencies, authorities of the barangay, essential frontliners of the City Health Department, police officers, and health care workers are exempted from the lockdown policies.

Photo credit: Axis AppleMheann Adevino / Facebook

But Mickaela refused to follow the rules. Arriving at the checkpoint without wearing a mask and having no quarantine pass, Mickaela forces her way past the physical barrier as she insisted on delivering the bag she’s bringing to someone inside the barangay.

The cops kept on explaining that the barangay is on ‘hard lockdown’; thus, no one is allowed in, but she also insists that she’s just making a delivery of whatever was inside the bag to someone. She didn’t elaborate what’s in the bag but insisted that it was important.

No matter how many times the cops tried to block her, she continues to force her way into the barangay and kept telling the cops to back off. She even calls for ‘back up’, claiming that the police were harassing her! But it was clear on the video that they were only trying to block her from entering.

Photo credit: Trending News and Viral / Facebook

Photo credit: Trending News and Viral / Facebook

She uses the ‘woman’ card, saying they shouldn’t stop her that way because she’s a woman, yet the video clearly shows that the cops were only doing their job. Later, she noticed that they were taking a video of the altercation. She immediately called someone and arrogantly said that the cops were taking a video to scare her but she was not afraid.

The authorities would later nab her and she’s booked for alarm and scandal, unjust vexation, and violation of Art. 151 or resistance and disobedience to a person in authority or the agents of such person.

Here’s the video:

Dto yan s service road(barangay 156)…Anyare sau ateng?hard lock down mahirap bang intindihin yan?…..yare ka ngaun….©©©

Posted by Axis AppleMheann Adevino on Wednesday, May 13, 2020