After Son Asked to Visit Sentosa Aquarium, Cash-Strapped Dad Brings Boy to Fish Market

As parents, we have received a lot of requests from our kids about things they want to buy, food they want to eat, stuff they feel like doing, and places they wish to visit. Of course, it is understandable that we can’t give them all they needed or wanted. After all, not everyone is a billionaire who can buy almost anything they wish to have in the world!

While we can’t also buy everything the kids wanted, a lot of parents also find ways to find cheaper alternatives. For sure, many of us have done the same thing. But one dad in Singapore recently went viral after sharing what he did when his son asked to visit Sentosa Aquarium.

Photo credit: Parent Map

The SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, set on Sentosa Island in Singapore, is one of the best aquariums in the world. Just like many aquariums of its kind, visitors can walk underneath the aquarium and feel like they are exploring the bottom of the ocean without riding a submarine or getting themselves wet. It is a beautiful experience!

When the toddler son of Radee Ibrahim asked that they go on a vacation to Sentosa Island so they can visit the aquarium, Radee knew that they can’t go there yet because they didn’t have enough money for the trip.

But because the boy really wanted to go to the aquarium, Radee thought of a clever alternative: taking the kid to the fish market! LOL

Because the boy is still so young, Radee was able to trick him into thinking that they were, indeed, visiting Sentosa Aquarium. Yet the kid also expressed surprise that none of the fishes were swimming. He has seen videos of the fishes at Sentosa Aquarium – and they were all swimming!

Photo credit: Radee Ibrahim

In response, quick-thinking dad told the kid that they went to the aquarium at the wrong time because all the fish are still sleeping! LOL

Radee was able to appease his son’s desire to visit Sentosa Aquarium for the time being but for sure, this boy would request a real trip when he’s older.