After Parents Lost Their Jobs, Kids Go to Sidewalk to Sell Noodles and Other Items

The COVID-19 crisis has affected billions of people across the world, both directly and indirectly. A lot of people lost their jobs due to the crisis, with little chance of getting it back as their workplaces have closed down indefinitely.

Just like many others, a family living at Prima Setapak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are having a hard time after both parents lost their jobs when the country imposed the movement control order (MCO).

Photo credit: Love N Care / Facebook

When the MCO was eventually lifted, their parents went out in search of jobs to help support the family. With four kids in the family, finding enough money for food is a huge challenge for the parents.

The kids understood their family’s situation. So, when people were allowed to go out, the kids took it upon themselves to also find ways to help earn money for the family. They set up shop at a sidewalk, selling dried noodles, some books, and other stuff to earn some extra money for their food and other needs.

Photo credit: Love N Care / Facebook

Their plight had gone viral after it was shared by Facebook page Love n Care. A lot of netizens admired the kids for helping out, saying that they are a treasure to their parents. For sure, their parents are also looking for ways to earn money, but these kids are not just waiting for them at home. They also help as much as they could.

But other netizens expressed concern over the kids, saying that it is still not a good idea to get them exposed to so many people every day. These days, it is still best for everyone to stay at home because the virus is invisible! The kids might be exposed to a COVID-positive person while they sell at the sidewalk.

Photo credit: Love N Care / Facebook

Moreover, others pointed out that the kids don’t even have an umbrella or tent to cover their heads. This leaves them exposed to the elements. That alone could get them sick! But kudos to these kids for trying to help out. We could only hope their parents will find a job really soon…