After Losing Job, Pilot Who Earned $160/Day Becomes FoodPanda Rider Earning $12/Day

He lost his job as pilot, but Anwar Ajid did not give up. He has a family to feed after all. So, instead of taking pity on himself and crying his heart out because he lost his job, Anwar found something else to do to earn some money while waiting for the airline industry to get back up: he became a FoodPanda rider!

In his job as pilot, Malaysian guy Anwar earned as high as RM600 ($140) per day. That’s certainly a huge salary! But things took a turn for worse as the world experienced a crisis due to COVID-19.

Photo credit: Anwar Ajid / Facebook

Just like many other airline workers, Anwar lost his job. Flights have been canceled due to travel restrictions. Thus, millions of workers lost their jobs because airlines couldn’t sustain paying them when the company doesn’t earn a cent at all!

But Anwar did not lose hope. He knows that the airline industry will be back and that he would get his pilot job again. While he waits for that day, he became a FoodPanda rider, earning around RM50 to RM70 ($12 to $16.50) per day.

Photo credit: Anwar Ajid / Facebook

This amount is much lower than what he used to earn as pilot, but it is definitely better than nothing! Anwar is happy that even with the crisis, he is able to feed his family by working this noble job.

Being a FoodPanda rider has similarities with his pilot job, Anwar said. There’s still a rating system and everyone is expected to perform well so they can go higher up in the roster system.

Photo credit: Anwar Ajid / Facebook

He does have to endure angry customers, harsh weather, difficult traffic, and other problems that delivery riders have to face. But Anwar is still glad that he is healthy and has a job to support his family until the airline industry calls him back…