After Becoming Rich, Formerly Homeless Man Only Hires Homeless and People with Special Needs

I learned to give not because I have a lot, but I know how it feels to have nothing.” – Anonymous

He lived in the streets for many months, sleeping on cardboard boxes and getting driven away by the cops. He didn’t have food most of the time, but when Drew Goodall became rich, he didn’t forget that experience.

So, he only hired homeless and people with special needs in his company as a way to pay forward the help he received from kind people during the times when he was down.

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Drew had actually been an actor in his 20s, landing small roles alongside Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant in movies like “Snatch” and “About a Boy”.

But things didn’t go as he wished it would go. Though he had always dreamed of being an actor and becoming a big star, he fell into despair after receiving negative critique about his acting. This devastated him so much, in fact, that it changed his life so much.

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He fell into vices and would soon be running out of money. Kicked out by his landlord for not paying the rent, he refused to admit that something was wrong. Instead of finding help from his parents and friends, he lived in the streets.

Sleeping on cardboard boxes outside the London Academy of Performing Arts, a hungry Drew had to beg food from people to survive. It was the worst period of his life.

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After months of struggling with money and having no food, he found a way to earn by shining shoes. He stayed away from the cops as polishing shoes on the road wasn’t exactly legal.

One of his regular customers invited him to their office, telling him that he could earn more there if he stayed – and the cops won’t catch him there.

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Drew had been doing this for a couple months when he realized that there’s actually good money in shining shoes for people who were too busy to do it by themselves but still take pride in looking great. So, he opened “Sunshine Shoeshine”.

The business achieved such great success that he’s currently linked with several companies all over London, earning over $250,000 a year.

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He donates most of his earnings to charity, knowing that many people out there are in need of help. Moreover, because he knew exactly how it felt to be homeless, he only hires homeless people and those with special needs so he could help take them out of the streets. It’s his way of paying it forward.

Photo credit: Thinking Humanity

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