Adorable Kids Go Viral after Leaving Their Shoes While Entering 7-Eleven Shop

A lot of Asian people do not bring their shoes or slippers inside the house; choosing instead to walk barefoot or use bedroom slippers. In fact, this has become a habit for most Asians that we no longer need to be told to leave our shoes outside someone’s home; we just do it.

Of course, you don’t have to leave your footwear outside a business establishment or a vehicle; but a group of young kids recently went viral for the adorable way they left their shoes while entering a 7-Eleven shop.

Photo credit: Chanawin Sonrayothin / Facebook

It turned out that these kids were on a fieldtrip from their school up the mountains of Thailand.

While in the city, their bus stopped at the gas station for toilet break and some gas. Their teacher went to the toilet while the kids explored the 7-Eleven shop.

When he got out of the toilet, the teacher was surprised to see the kids happily exploring the shop, saying they were surprised to learn that the store was open 24/7. But the teacher had a good laugh seeing their shoes outside the store.

Photo credit: Chanawin Sonrayothin / Facebook

Asked why they left their shoes, the kids told the teacher they were only doing what he had taught them to do!

We must take off our shoes when going into a place to respect the place, teacher told us that,” the kids replied.

Awwwwww. So cute! Netizens love how these kids followed their teacher’s instructions back when they were in school. Others laughed, however, recalling similar experiences of them or seeing others leave their shoes outside a business establishment or even before getting inside a car!

Have you also tried that?

Sources: Chanawin Sonrayothin / Facebook, World of Buzz