Adorable Grandma Subs for Grandson’s Online Class While He’s on CR Break

Most old people don’t easily accept new technology, particularly when it comes to using gadgets and connecting to the internet. But it is really cute when they do embrace technology and enjoy activities geared for the younger generation.

Take for example Nanay Rufina Castillo, the adorable grandmother of netizen Ohne Miguel Yumang. The young man studies at Nova Schola Tanauan in Tanauan, Batangas in the Philippines.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, classes in the Philippines are done through online school or via modular learning options. But there are a lot of challenges that the students face, particularly with online school. For instance, many don’t have gadgets or have issues with connecting to the internet.

Miguel faced a different problem when he had to take a CR break in a middle of an important discussion in one of his major subjects.

He is afraid that he might miss something that his teacher might instruct the class to do, but it is obvious that one can’t put off the call of nature for too long. So, he decided to ask his grandma to sit in for a bit so she could take important notes for him while he’s doing his business in the toilet.

Photo credit: Ohne Miguel Yumang / Facebook

When he got back, Miguel just had to smile upon seeing his grandma actually appearing to enjoy the lesson. Because she’s using his headphones, Miguel can’t hear what the teacher is saying but his grandma is listening intently and enjoying the online cookery class. Isn’t that sweet?

Skl (share ko lang), ang cute kasi ng lola ko. Pinicturan ko siya kasi parang enjoy na enjoy niya ‘yung klase hahahaha, I love you nanay P,” Miguel wrote as he shared the picture.

The post quickly went viral, with netizens commenting how sweet Nanay Rufina is and suggesting that Miguel let her watch cooking classes on YouTube.

The old woman was surprised that the photo went viral but felt happy with all the nice comments they received.

Priceless po at sobrang nagulat. Natuwa siya kasi marami raw pong nag-share at nag-comment ng pampa-good vibes po,” Miguel said.