Abra Offers New Tourist Attraction: 10,000 Tulips of Different Colors

Tourism offices across the Philippines are trying their best to come with great tourist attractions to entice tourists to visit their town or city.

In the town of Bucay, Abra, a newly opened attraction has gotten attention from netizens for the beautiful tulips planted all over the place!

Photo credit: Rated K / YouTube

While tulips only grow in countries with cold climates and are quite popular in the Netherlands, Filipinos could now enjoy taking photos with the tulips in Abra. Wow.

Layugan Garden in Bucay is owned by the town mayor, Victorino Barona Jr.

Photo credit: Rated K / YouTube

The head of Bucay Tourism Office, Roger Bernal, revealed that the garden was created after the mayor visited Cebu. Mayor Barona loved the 10,000 Roses attraction in Cebu, a tourist destination planted with 10,000 LED roses that light up at night.

So, the mayor decided that he would also create a similar attraction in his town. But he didn’t want to just fully copy the attraction in Cebu; thus, he chose the tulips instead.

Photo credit: Rated K / YouTube

Nag-come up lang sa paglalakbay ni mayor. Nagpunta siya ng Cebu, nagpunta siya ng Davao, nag-research siya kung saan io-order,” Bernal revealed.

Para ‘di ma-duplicate ‘yong 10,000 Roses, tulips naman ‘yong in-order niya.

Jojo Tipon, the officer-in-charge in the garden, added that the attraction was created so that visitors in Abra will find a new place to visit in the area. He suggested that tourists visit the garden at night when the LED tulips light up and show clearer, better colors. But the attraction is open the entire day and still looks fantastic even at day time.

Photo credit: Rated K / YouTube

Layugan Garden operates from 9AM to 9PM, giving everyone ample time to visit this place and take Instagram-worthy photos.

You don’t have to travel all the way to the Netherlands to see the tulips because you can just visit Layugan Gardens. Entrance fees are only at Php20 for daytime and Php30 at night.

Photo credit: Reyes Turista / YouTube

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Source: ABS-CBN News