A father’s love: Passenger shares heartwarming photo of bus driver and his special child

Fathers are very important in their children’s lives. They play with their kids. They teach them to be independent, confident, and successful. They enforce rules to discipline them. They prepare their kids for the real world.

It is always heartwarming to hear stories about a father’s love as there seems to be more about mothers.

Well, how about this story a few weeks before Father’s day?

Image by Marivic Ando Natividad via Facebook

On 25 May 2019, Marivic Ando Natividad shared on Facebook a touching story that she witnessed while riding a bus going to work.

She narrated that on that day, she decided to ride a bus to go to her work, which was not her usual routine. She sat beside a special child who smiled at her all the time. She noticed that the child knew all the bus stops and the roads. The child also shouted whenever a passenger would be getting off the bus.

Natividad said that the driver looked happy with what the child was doing. She initially didn’t realize that the two were father and son until the child sat beside the bus driver and said, “Papa, papa.”

Image capture of Facebook post by Marivic Ando Natividad

She heard the driver ask his son why he left his original seat. The MMDA might see them, he said. Since the child won’t return beside Natividad, the driver just closed the window curtain to cover his son.

Natividad shared that while the child was sitting beside his father, he was very talkative. His father listened to every word he said lovingly. They also happily sang together.

She ended her post by thanking all the fathers who have made and been making sacrifices for their families, just like the bus driver. Their unconditional love is appreciated.

Image capture of Facebook post by Marivic Ando Natividad

“Thank you for being superman for your family, for being a good provider, and for trying your best to be the BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD. We appreciate that truly.”

Natividad also tagged her own father to express her love and gratitude for him.

Advance happy Father’s day to all the loving and hardworking fathers out there! Continue to be your children’s superheroes!

Source: Facebook