A Couple had a Very Public Fight on NatGeo Page… And Things Got Worse When the Whale Weighed In!

It started out rather innocently with a guy commenting his appreciation over a photo of a whale posted by the National Geographic (NatGeo) on social media but things escalated pretty fast when his girl chimed in and the two had a very public fight on the page!

While you can easily take the guy’s side and bash the girl for being overly jealous, I think I had always thought this was some random girl trying to fight with some random guy on the NatGeo page – and someone noticed! LOL.

Or could these two really be a couple? Well, we’re not so sure about that but what we know is that it all began with a picture of a whale and turned into something pretty hilarious! And wait until the whale weighs in on the guy’s defensive argument! ROFL!

It all started with a guy commenting innocently on this photo of a whale…

Photo credit: FACT U / Facebook - NatGeo
Photo credit: FACT U / Facebook – NatGeo

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