98-Year-Old Tycoon Rewards Son with $14.2 Million for Giving Him His First Grandson

Most men, whether they admit it or not, want to have a son because they take pride in their family name – and sons are supposed to be the ones to carry on the family name and their father’s legacy.

So, a rich business tycoon, Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho, was rather dismayed that his seventeen children with his four wives all gave him granddaughters, no grandsons – but that’s until his 25-year-old son and his wife recently had a boy!

Mario Ho and his wife, Chinese supermodel Ming Xi, announced the birth of their son, Ronaldo on October 24.

Photo credit: ENT

The news was met with cheers from the online community, particularly because Mario had announced in previous months that his mother wanted him to have a son and that he would receive 100 million yuan ($14.2 million) as gift if ever that happens.

The amount might be so crazily big, but for Stanley, he’s just so happy that he finally has a grandson. The boy is the first one in his generation; though Ronaldo certainly has plenty of female cousins.

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At 98 years old, Stanley is certainly glad he’s still able to meet his first grandson. Thankfully, the casino magnate isn’t really angry at most of his children for having only girls as he even announced that he would also give a huge reward if his kids would continue to expand the family – and he didn’t specifically tell them to only have boys.

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Little Ronaldo was certainly born with a gold spoon in his mouth!

But it seems that good old Stanley is really so generous with his riches. The young couple reportedly got 500 million yuan ($71 million) when they got married three months ago. Surprisingly, that was done in a low key ceremony; but many expect that the couple will throw a grand party soon…

Photo credit: ENT

Congratulations on your new baby and the, errrrrr, 100 million yuan ($14.2 million) reward!

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