9-Year-Old Boy Goes to Closed School for Free WiFi to Attend Online Class

Because schools are closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, students are supposed to stay at home to learn their lessons through online classes or studying printed learning modules. But one kid had to go to his closed school so he can use the free WiFi to attend lessons for online class! That’s so ironic.

The 9-year-old boy from Roswell, New Mexico was identified as Jonathan Endecott whose mother, a single mom, lost her job amid the COVID-19 crisis. After losing her job, Jonathan’s mother Angel had a hard time finding a new one because many businesses were also forced to close.

The family lost their internet connection because Angel couldn’t pay for the bills. But with schools opening again through distance learning, Jonathan was able to enroll yet he can’t attend his online classes because they didn’t have internet connection.

Remembering that the school had free WiFi in the past, Angel suggested that Jonathan try to connect there. Thankfully, the school is just within walking distance from their house but many netizens saw the irony of Jonathan going to the closed school to attend his online classes!

Photo credit: Shelby Dutton / GoFundMe

An independent kid, Jonathan does not mind being alone outside the school while connecting with the WiFi, but a teacher took pity on him upon seeing him there. Though the school is closed, the teachers still report to work.

One of the teachers snapped his photo and shared it with a friend, Shelby Dutton, who also took pity on the kid. Shelby decided to help out by launching a fundraising campaign so Jonathan can have internet at home. She also promised to help other kids in the area so they can also have internet at home and wouldn’t have to worry about going out to find stable internet connection.

Amazingly, netizens were so touched by the story that they sent much more than Shelby’s original goal of $2,500. As of press time, Shelby’s GoFundMe campaign has received close to $20,000!

Everyone is thankful that Jonathan will soon be able to remain at home to study in the safe location instead of going to the closed school every day.