84-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Evicted from Home by Daughter Married to a Foreigner

Life is not always easy, but many children wish to have a good job and earn money to provide their parents with a better life in the future. What’s sad, however, is that there are children who think only of themselves and don’t care about their parents, even when they are already frail and old…

Netizen Dana Bautista is seeking help from Raffy Tulfo in Action and the local authorities after her 84-year-old mother was evicted from her house. Though the old lady owned the property, one of her daughters who got married to a foreigner had somehow transferred the title to her name, Dana alleged.

Photo credit: Dana Bautista / Raffy Tulfo in Action (Official Facebook Group)

But Dana’s sister was not content with getting the land title and not sharing with her siblings. Instead of caring for their old mother who is already 84 years old, this daughter evicted the old lady from her own property.

So, Dana is now the one caring for the old lady, she said. But because they are just poor and her sister is rich, thanks to her foreigner husband, they are now having a difficult time because this particular sister also wants to take the lot where Dana’s house was built!

With her sister also trying to get her evicted from her lot, Dana seeks help from Tulfo to resolve the matter – especially because their mom is living with her now.

Photo credit: Dana Bautista / Raffy Tulfo in Action (Official Facebook Group)

Humihingi po kami Ng tulong, Ito Ang aking nanay, 84 years old na siya at may karamdaman. Dito siya sakin nakatira ngayon dahil pinalayas siya Ng aking kapatid na may asawang foreigner sa sarili Niyang bahay at lupa. Pati itong kinatitirikan namin ay kinukuha parin at pinapalayas kami,” she wrote in a post on Raffy Tulfo in Action (Official Facebook Group).

Pinatituluhan Niya ang lupa Ng aking nanay Ng walang pahintulot Ng aking nanay, at ngayon pilit kaming pinapalayas Ng sarili Kong kapatid. Kami po ay idedemanda pa pag Hindi kami umalis. Tulungan niyo po kami, ano PO Ang dapat naming gawin.

Photo credit: Dana Bautista / Raffy Tulfo in Action (Official Facebook Group)

Many are hoping that Dana and her mother could find justice over this situation so that the old woman won’t face a second eviction from her own daughter…