82-Year-Old Grandpa Cheers Up Granddaughter after Major Surgery by Painting Her Nails

Grandparents will do anything and everything to make their grandchildren happy – and this is the reason why a lot of grandkids are really spoiled by their grandpas and grandmas. In fact, a lot of strict parents actually end up being softies as grandparents! Do you agree?

Recently, one grandpa went viral for the adorable way he tried to cheer up his granddaughter who underwent major pelvic reconstruction surgery.

On August 1, Ayla Winter-White shared a video of her grandpa who was intently painting her nails as he wanted her to feel happy after the surgery. Grandpa Keith is so adorable as he focused on his granddaughter’s fingernails.

In the background, Ayla’s grandmother could be heard asking Grandpa Keith to help her find their car keys, but he ignored her and told his wife that he has “an important job” to do.

What’s so cute is that he even asked his granddaughter how many coats of the nail polish she wanted him to put!

It was clear from the way he intently worked on those strokes that this was not the first time he polished someone’s nails. It turned out that he has been doing this for his wife for many decades.

Since he knew that it always cheered his wife up when he does that, this adorable grandpa decided it would also make his granddaughter happy – and he’s actually right!

She wrote:

“My grandparents came to look after me after my surgery and my grandad told me he wanted to make me feel better, he told me he’s been painting my nan’s nails for 30 years and that he wanted to paint mine and I needed to share this.”

“’How many coats do you have on?”

That’s so cute, right?

Watch the adorable video below – it already has over 10.5 million views!

Source: Pretty 52