70-Year-Old Grandpas Wow Netizens with Impressive Bodies, Amazing Core Strength

When you think about 70-year-old grandpas, images of frail old people who walk with canes or are even on wheelchairs and bedridden might come to mind. Yet there are many old folks who are still up and healthy, of course.

But a group of grandpas in Hangzhou, China, impressed everyone with their ripped bodies and amazing core strength! They might already be in their 70s but these old men can still do pull-ups at the jungle bars located at the public park in their city.

Photo credit: China Daily / Facebook

Most old people their age are told by doctors to slow down and not try doing a lot of back-breaking exercises because, well, they can literally break their backs! But these old men are strong and have likely been doing these exercises for many years; thus, they are able to do the exercises and also maintain their ripped bodies.

These men are in their 70s but look so much younger than their real age because of their impressive bodies. Plus, they do daily exercises at the public park and are so agile that they could do backflips and other moves that we often associate only with kids, definitely not old people!

Photo credit: China Daily / Facebook

It is clear that these grandpas are fitter than most of us will ever be – and they make sure to keep this up by heading to the public park for their daily exercise.

A lot of netizens are quite impressed to see these old grandpas, saying that they are certainly dedicating a lot of time to stay fit and healthy. Many wish that they could live to these grandpas’ age and still look so good as them.

Photo credit: China Daily / Facebook

But amid the pandemic, some netizens pointed out that they should be wearing masks to avoid contracting the virus. After all, they are part of the ‘vulnerable’ population – they don’t look vulnerable to me!