64-Year-Old Man Sells Dried Fish, Travels 100+ km a Day to Earn Money for Sick Wife

aside so he could earn money for his sick wife – and he would earn praise for his selfless actions.

Md Zin Ahmad from Bukit Pasir, Muar in Johor, Malaysia is already 64 years old and battling medical problems of his own, but he promised to do anything and everything in his power to care for his sick wife, 73-year-old Fatimah Md Said.

Photo credit: Wardina Aina / Twitter

So, each day he would bring around 100 packs of dried fish in his bag, take a trip to Melaka (Malacca City), and go from door to door in the city’s neighborhoods to sell the goods.

On lucky days, he goes home after selling out the dried fish but on other days, he only sells a few packs.

Photo credit: Wardina Aina / Twitter

Still, Ahmad does not give up on those difficult days. He would simply start packing another batch to sell the following day.

The old man’s plight went viral after netizen Wardina Aina shared some of his photos on her Twitter account. Aina had seen the old man selling dried fish some months ago when she joined in a marathon near Dataran Pahlawan.

Photo credit: Wardina Aina / Twitter

She was greatly surprised to see him in the streets of Melaka, leading the curious young woman to approach the ambulant vendor. Aina was surprised to learn that he hails from Johor, traveling each day just to earn money for his wife’s medical needs.

Photo credit: Wardina Aina / Twitter

Aina shared his story, hoping that this would go viral so that many netizens could help this old man and his wife…

Sources: World of Buzz, Twitter / Wardina Aina