6-Month-Old Baby Breaks World Record for Youngest Person to Go Water Skiing

A 6-month-old baby recently broke the world record for the youngest person to go water skiing! But the impressive feat was met with mixed reactions, particularly from netizens who were concerned for the child’s safety.

While most babies who are 6 months old are still trying to practice how to stand up, Rich Humpherys is already going on adventures! At just 6 months and 4 days old, he broke the world record as the youngest person to go water skiing.

Photo credit: Casey Humpherys / Instagram

Rich’s parents, Casey and Mindi Humpherys, brought him to Lake Powell where he enjoyed the water skiing activity on custom skis. Wearing a lifejacket, this adorable kid smiled for the camera and appears to be really enjoying the fun activity.

He hangs on to the handlebars of the water ski like a pro, feeling so happy as his dad traveled alongside on a boat to provide him some support. But his dad wasn’t holding him up – he really is doing the water skiing activity on his own! What an amazing kid.

Photo credit: Casey Humpherys / Instagram

A lot of people thought it was cute and great for the kid to achieve such a feat, particularly at such a young age. But there were also many who were alarmed that a 6-month-old kid would be doing this. They were concerned that the baby might fall off the ski and possibly drown, even if he has a lifejacket on.

I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. Apparently that’s a big deal… #worldrecord,” his parents captioned the post they shared of his adventure.

Photo credit: Casey Humpherys / Instagram

After facing backlash over their son’s water skiing adventure, Casey said, “I really feel like the majority of criticism comes from people caring and people just being concerned and wanting best for our child, and so, honestly, we appreciate that.