51-Year-Old Dentist Dubbed as ‘Goddess of Youth’, Often Mistaken as Daughter’s Sister

A 51-year-old dentist from South Korea is making waves online as netizens dub her as the ‘Goddess of Youth’ for still looking so young despite her advanced age. She is often mistaken as her daughter’s sister, something that the younger girl is not so happy about…

Due to her youthful looks, Lee Su Jin is often mistaken as a young lady in her early 20s. Some even think she’s just a teenager! Many refused to believe that this dentist is already in her 50s, but her daughter is not pleased that her mother is too busy on social media because of her many fans.

Photo credit: Instagram / @sjeuro

Lee claims that her daughter stopped talking to her when the younger girl started middle school. With Lee already a popular social media figure then, it is possible that her daughter often receives remarks from her schoolmates about her youthful mom.

Photo credit: Instagram / @sjeuro

This put a wedge between the two, leading Lee to spend more and more time on social media as she craves for human interaction because her daughter refuses to talk to her. But the more time Lee spent on social media, the more her daughter hated her.

It was actually a good thing that the two were invited to join the “Same Bed, Different Dreams” reality show. Lee was finally able to understand why her daughters hates her selfies and her daughter finally understood that it wasn’t her mom’s fault that she looks so young.

Photo credit: Instagram / @sjeuro

The two were able to patch things up. Now, Lee’s daughter appears on her Instagram feed from time to time. This shows that they are already becoming good friends and the younger girl has finally accepted her mom’s youthful looks and craving for attention from her social media friends…