30 Riders Discover They Were All Pranked at the Same Time after Customer Gives Fake Address

A cruel prank affected as many as 30 riders, laying to waste as much as 80+ orders of food! Tsk. Tsk.

These days, we hear so many stories about pranksters making fake orders that cause much trouble and some loss of income for restaurants/stores and delivery riders. But one prankster in Thailand decided to prank as many riders as possible by making 80+ orders that led to at least 30 riders congregating at the street of a non-existent address.

The delivery riders arrived within minutes of each other, all looking for the same person at the same address. The big problem is that the address does not exist. While the street was there and the landmark as described by the customer, there’s no house to deliver the orders to!

Photo credit: Thai World News

The person who made the order could no longer be reached by the time the riders arrived at the address where the house was supposed to be. Unsure what to do next, the riders put all the food they brought for the customer on the ground, taking photos of the many food items that are going to waste due to the customer’s cruel prank.

While it is possible that the riders will be reimbursed for the fake orders, the cruel prank cost them a lot of time which they could have used to deliver real orders to earn real money instead of having to go through the process of getting the fake orders reimbursed.

Photo credit: Thai World News

Angry after getting duped by the fake customer, the delivery riders decided to report the matter to the police. The incident is now being investigated, with everyone hoping that these riders could find justice so that this won’t happen again.

Sources: Thai World News, World of Buzz