25-Year-Old Former Janitor, Now Owns Pinoy Restaurant in Australia

He’s just 25 years old but John Andrew Dangca already owns a Pinoy restaurant in Australia! But what makes his success even more inspiring is that this young man started out as a janitor doing odd jobs for homes, malls, offices, and other areas that needed cleaning.

It was through the help of some relatives that Dangca managed to go to Australia back when he was still 19 years old. But it wasn’t rainbows and sunny days for the young man who had to work hard doing odd jobs to support himself and his family.

Photo credit: GMA News / YouTube

He found a job as janitor for offices, malls, and even homes. The job was physically demanding and he had a lot of work. There were times when his only rest was during hours of commute between his jobs.

Maraming mga pagsubok katulad no’ng nakakatulog po ako doon sa train station. Dire-diretso po ako no’n papunta sa kabilang trabaho, ganyan. Sa bus, nakakatulog po. Parang doon na rin po ako nakakapagpahinga,” Dangca recalls.

Photo credit: GMA News / YouTube

Yet even with the difficulties that he faced, Dangca did not stop reaching for his dreams. Despite the exhaustion of juggling several jobs, he managed to still squeeze in some time for his studies.

After he completed a diploma course, Dangca found a job at an elderly care facility but kept his other jobs as janitor so he could earn more money for his family.

Photo credit: GMA News / YouTube

He did not splurge his money on branded stuff. Instead, he saved up until he had enough to open his own Pinoy restaurant in Canberra called “Salu-Salo”. The restaurant became a big success, especially with the large Pinoy community in Australia’s capital.

Photo credit: GMA News / YouTube

So, this 25-year-old Pinoy became an inspiration to many. Despite starting out as janitor, he managed to have his own restaurant in Australia at such a young age. Congratulations!

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