18-Year-Old Guy Gets Lucky in Business, Gifts Bride with Brand-New Ford Mustang

A groom who’s actually just 18 years old was able to buy a brand-new Ford Mustang for his bride after getting lucky in business! The couple did not even own a motorcycle or a secondhand car in the past, but are now enjoying their Mustang! Wow.

In a post that has gone viral on TikTok, bride Yuni (@ayunieso24) explained that her husband surprised her with the brand-new vehicle on their wedding day. She was blindfolded by her bridesmaids and led to the courtyard where the new Mustang was waiting.

Photo credit: Yuni / @ayunieso24 – TikTok

The young bride could not believe her eyes as she saw the new Mustang, especially because this is the very first vehicle they ever owned. The gesture brought her to tears, knowing the hardships that her young groom had to go through so he can buy her this car.

They weren’t born rich, the bride added. Thus, they did not even have a motorcycle and had to rely on their relatives for a vehicle, if they needed one. But the couple had big dreams. One of these is to open a business so they can earn for their future family.

Photo credit: Yuni / @ayunieso24 – TikTok

So, even at a young age, the two decided to open a business selling supplementary goat’s milk. Knowing they would need some sort of vehicle for the business, Yuni suggested that they buy a secondhand Myvi. Her husband agreed.

But as the business took off and they received plenty of sales less than a month before their wedding, the young groom decided to surprise her with the Ford Mustang. They went to the dealership to test drive a Mustang several days before the wedding, but the groom did not tell her that he went back to pay for the vehicle with cash from their earnings.

Photo credit: Yuni / @ayunieso24 – TikTok

Though it’s not a vehicle they can use to deliver the goat’s milk, her husband gave her the keys to the Mustang and is likely to buy another vehicle to be used for the delivery. Lucky girl, huh?