16 Masterpieces from Guys Who Just Got Carried Away with Their Jobs

There are times in life when you just get carried away in the flow of the moment that you forget everything else – and that’s something you might not expect to happen.

Now, that is fine in most cases, of course, but there are times when getting carried away by the moment can become dangerous or crazy, even! For example, getting carried away in a passionate moment might be alright – as long as this would not result to an affair or unwanted pregnancy, perhaps.

In architecture and engineering, it is also alright to get swept by the moment and create your own unique masterpiece but what if you got carried away with focusing on one task that you did not notice you were already ruining the whole picture?

Well, that’s a sad reality that actually happens from time to time! And it can really get crazy… Just check out these 16 masterpieces from guys who just got carried away with the task on hand…

Because the people living in this place love to do hurdles!

Photo credit: Bright Side MEand The Chive
Photo credit: Bright Side ME and The Chive

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