15-Year-Old Influencer Admits Undergoing 100+ Surgeries to Look Like a Doll

A 15-year-old influencer admits undergoing over 100 different cosmetic surgeries to look like a doll!

The revelation has divided the internet; though many are not agreeing with what this young lady has done to her body and face. Others blame her parents, particularly because she’s too young to have gotten these surgeries on her own!

Photo credit: World of Buzz

The young lady is known as “Little Z Nana”, a rather popular influencer in China because of her doll-like appearance. Her real name is Xiao Z Na Na.

While a lot of people would associate the Chinese with small almond-shaped eyes that appear to be perpetually squinting, Little Z Nana has big round eyes like a westerner.

But her eyes and the rest of her doll-like appearance are not natural but have been reshaped to match her ideal look. The young lady admitted that she first underwent cosmetic modification back when she was still 13 years old.

The numerous surgeries include five lateral canthoplasties (outer eye corner) procedures, six double-eyelid surgeries, three surgeries on her mouth, one full-face bone reduction surgery, two facial liposuctions, two thigh liposuctions, and three body liposuctions!

Her original face before the surgeries; Photo credit: Tribune Manado

People are wondering how she was able to get plastic surgery at such a young age, particularly because cosmetic surgery is only allowed for those over the age of 18. Some netizens pointed out, however, that she could still undergo these procedures at a young age, provided that has her parents’ consent.

Considering that she had over 100 surgeries in the span of 2 years, Little Z Nana was unable to go to school because she was always having a procedure done or recovering from one.

She has also spent quite a fortune on the procedures, having paid over $146,700 so she can look like a doll.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

But many netizens are commenting that though she does look like a doll now, she appears too thin that she looks like she is sick. Also, others are saying that having undergone these many surgeries meant that she should take care of her body because even with more plastic surgery, this doll-like appearance won’t last forever…