13 Warning Signs That Are Too Creepy Not To Notice. You Definitely Would Not Want To Encounter #2

Warning signs are vital messages to remind us of risks and dangers. These are posted especially at places where there are hazardous conditions. And because the intention of these signs is to practically scare us away from accident and peril, they are sometimes written in a very direful manner that will leave us no choice but to follow it.

source: ratemyjob.com
source: ratemyjob.com

If you can’t find your kid, just check under the mower.

Are you the obliging type who wouldn’t dare hitch hike to a place where there’s a killer-on-the-loose-sign? Or the dare-devil who enjoy doing perilous things? Whatever you decide, just don’t say you were not warned!

Here are 13 weird warning signs that are sure to make you obedient citizens of the world. Or at least for someone who chooses to live.

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