10-Year-Old Boy Saves Money to Buy His Mother a Real Diamond Ring

A mother’s job is never easy because she is often unable to rest well as she takes care of her husband and kids the entire day, morning and night! But the rewards are awesome because she gets back unlimited love from her family.

A 10-year-old kid recently earned praise after he saved up money for months so he could buy his mother a real diamond ring! Wow.

Photo credit: See Hua Online / YouTube

The kid was walking with his mother, running errands in downtown Hubei, China, when he invited her to a jewelry store. The boy asked his mother to try on some rings that she liked. Thinking that the kid was making a joke, the mother obliged and tried on some pairs while the amused staff readily obliged.

One of the staff even took a video of the sweet moment, thinking this kid would truly make a fine gentleman someday.

Photo credit: See Hua Online / YouTube

But boy’s mother and the jewelry store staff were in for a big surprise because the kid was actually serious in getting his mother a real diamond ring! It turned out he had seen the other kids’ parents wearing one, and he loved his mother so much that he didn’t want her to feel ‘left out’.

Photo credit: See Hua Online / YouTube

Thus, the boy spent months saving up his money in hopes that he could get his mother a real diamond ring as sign of his love for her and to thank her for her love.

Amazingly, the boy was able to save 8,800 yuan ($1,300) the past months from gifts he received for birthdays and other special occasions. Because the ring his mother picked was worth 8,100 yuan ($1,200), he was so happy he could afford to buy it for her!

Photo credit: See Hua Online / YouTube

While the boy’s mother was happy with the gesture, she also didn’t want him to spend his money on her, especially on a piece of jewelry. Thus, she told him she could not accept the gift. The heartbroken kid cried and his mother had to find a way for them to leave the shop without purchasing anything yet also not letting him buy the expensive ring for her.

Thinking quickly, the boy’s mother picked out an expensive piece worth 50,700 yuan ($7,560) and told him this was the one she really wanted.

Photo credit: See Hua Online / YouTube

Mum likes this one. You can save more money and buy this one for me later,” a store employee heard her tell the kid. This time, the kid agreed to leave the store.

The two hugged and the kid took one last look at the diamond ring before they left the store. While they went home without the ring, this mom’s heart was certainly filled with love, knowing her son saved up his money to give her a real diamond ring…

Watch the heartwarming moment here:

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