Xian Gaza Makes a Public Apology After His “Fake News” Went Viral

Xian Gaza, or Christian Albert Gaza, first became famous for buying a billboard just so he can ask actress Erich Gonzales out for coffee to which she declined. He also had a few videos posted where his famous line “NYEAAM” was taken from.

After he became famous for the billboard news, Xian then was reported to be part of an investment scam, and he admitted that he scammed a few people and issued bounced checks. He surrendered himself to the police for that but he was able to make bail afterwards.

His name became trending again because of a post that he made in Facebook on April 7, 2019. The post had the caption, “PAANO LUMABAS NG BANSANG PILIPINAS NG MAY TATLONG WARRANTS OF ARREST AT LIMANG TAONG SENTENSYA.” He posted five pictures showing him in an airport and him inside an airplane, and he indicated step-by-step the things that he needed to do just to get on the flight and it all happened in September 30, 2018. This is despite having three warrants of arrest still present for him.

The post made it look like it was easy to outsmart the Bureau of Immigration’s system. He made a follow-up post showing what the Department of Justice would have done to verify if he did get out of the country including another step-by-step breakdown.

Following the post, an inquiry came from the Department of Justice to verify if Xian Gaza indeed was able to get out of the country, to which the Bureau of Immigration said it was “fake news” but they did say there is no Hold Departure Order for him.

Xian Gaza recently posted a video in his Facebook account where he publicly apologized to the Bureau of Immigration and it was not his intention to ruin the bureau’s credibility. He is also hoping that he won’t get sued for making the viral post.

The Bureau is currently seeing if there would be any legal actions that they can do against him because of his post.

You can view Xian Gaza’s public apology here:

Public Apology to Bureau of Immigration

Posted by Xian S. Gaza on Monday, April 8, 2019