Worst Parenting Fails That Will Make You Cringe. #8 Is Unbelievable

Parents are their children’s role model. How parents raise them plays a big part to who and what they become when they grow old. Aside from a favorable environment, good parenting is essential to nurture your child.

The following photos are labeled worst parenting fails. When you teach your little girls how to flash a dirty finger on camera, or you light up a cigarette for your toddler, or place them inside a dog kennel just for laughs, it is definitely considered bad parenting. Which parent in the right mind would actually do such, right?

Some parents say they do it for fun, an ‘act’ to make others laugh, but there are things that are worth the fun, and things that are purely stupid and unacceptable.

Photo Credit: oddee.com
Photo Credit: oddee.com

Here are 12 of the worst parenting fails that might get you to think, “Why were they even parents, in the first place?”

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