22 Of The World’s Most Evil Serial Killers – Their Photos Give Me The Chills.

We might never understand what goes inside the twisted minds of serial killers who find pleasure from inflicting pain and death to another individual. And what’s more sickening is that they do it again and again. As much as we want to discern where this evil comes from, it’s just simply hard to fathom. It’s impossible for a ‘normal’ being to even imagine what these killers were thinking.  Yes, their stories can give us answers, but we can only sympathize with how awful their life were, but still continue to detest the horrific crimes.

The Scorecard Killer Randy Kraft
Photo Credit: viralnova.com

Randy "The Scorecard Killer" Kraft sexually assaulted and murdered at least 16 men, but is thought to be responsible for an additional 51 murders.

Here are some of the most evil serial killers. Looking at their photos surely gives me the creeps.

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