Working Nonstop for Four Days Brought Death to a Young Doctor

Thirty-five-year-old anesthesiologist Dr. Stefanus Taofik was found unresponsive in a hospital ward in Jakarta, Indonesia after working continuously for four straight days during the Hari Raya holidays.

Image from Metro Tempo

Apparently, the hospital was understaffed during those days and Dr. Taofik volunteered to cover the shifts of his colleagues. Aside from that, he also had to help out at two nearby hospitals because they are also short on staff because of the holidays.

Image from Asia One

Initial investigation revealed that the doctor was taking his break when he succumbed to heart failure due to exhaustion, as a result of nonstop work.

However, there are also reports that the doctor’s death was due to ‘Brugada’ syndrome, a genetic disease where there is an increased chance of sudden cardiac death. This disease often affects males, and those who suffer from it usually live a normal life but sudden cardiac arrest mostly happens in their sleep.

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Dr. Taofik left behind a one-year-old son and a wife.

Image from Jawapos

When the news of his death hit the social media, netizens reacted by warning their friends against too much work without rest.

Source: World of Buzz