Work Outfits for the Summer Weather

The heat is upon us and dressing up for work has suddenly become a challenge. Who wants to wear big coats, layered suits, and thick socks? Sweat, humidity, UV rays are the main contributors to the challenge. But do not fret – fashion stylists and bloggers are not daunted and have come up with a few tips on how to beat the heat in style.

Go light

And when we say light, we mean colours. Look at those bright-coloured glasses and that bright blue floral skirt. Clothing in light colours are more averse to trapping heat therefore making it cooler for you to walk to the office or just to grab a coffee.

From Glamour.

Keep your fabric thin.

This is no time to layer. Keep it light and thin as possible like how this lady just went with a flow skirt and thin sleeveless blouse. The heat is already too much to bear so don’t add to the burden of it all by choosing thick materials.

From Glamour.

Wear pants wisely.

Pants and trousers are still a part of the trendy outfits this hot season but go for the flares and the bell-bottoms that are making a come back. They’re not as tight-fitting (translation: sticky and hot) as the regular skinny jeans. Plus, if you are going to wear pants or trousers, make sure to complement it with a loose-fitting top, polo or blouse.

From Glamour.