Woman Shows the Unseen Side of Online Shopping

The internet has become a necessity for everyone. From a means of sharing information, it has become a source of entertainment and for others, a means of buying things while within the comfort of your own home. Online shopping is now becoming the norm as you can get almost anything online. There are different services to place your order with, and different means of paying for them. Online shopping is indeed convenient, but there is another side to it.

Facebook user Bea Aspiras posted in her account two pictures showing a man sitting under the shade near a gate. If you would look closely, the man is a “rider” for an online shopping site, and is delivering a package to a customer. Bea mentioned that she saw the man waiting outside for almost one hour for the person to claim the package. When the customer came out, Bea described, she greeted the man with a smile, looking like she didn’t care if he waited for a long time.

Image Credit: Bea Aspiras/Facebook

Bea then gave her own opinion that she feels bad for the riders as their job is very tiring and the person in her pictures appear to be very tired already. She also observed that he looks like he is trying to do his best with his work even though he is old already, and she salutes him for that.

Image Credit: Bea Aspiras/Facebook

She closes her post by telling us that riders for online shopping sites are all just trying to do their job and they would wait for you so that you can get your item in good condition. They don’t deserve to be mistreated physically or bad-mouthed as we would not have any idea of what they had to go through just to bring you what you bought, and they deserve respect and be treated properly.

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Posted by Bea Aspiras on Wednesday, February 20, 2019