Woman Shares Her Issue With a Salon and How the Management Failed to Help Her

Everyone wants to look their best as first impressions last. Most would want to do it themselves but for those who prefer to have professional help, a visit to a salon is key. Salon personnel are well-trained for the service that you want whether it would be for your hair, your face, or anything in between. You’d give your trust to the person that will be handling the task, thinking that they will take care of you.

Facebook user Malinder Lee shares her experience at a certain salon inside a mall in Malaysia. She had a few things that she wants done which included eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading. Eyelash extensions would add artificial eyelashes over the ones that you already have to enhance it and is usually set with glue. It can last for around six to eight weeks. Eyebrow threading is the means of shaping your eyebrows and is done by a person that runs stretched thread over the hairs to clear it out and give it a certain shape.

Malinder then said that while she was having her eyebrows fixed, the person who was doing it accidentally cut her face and that the girl was distracted and wasn’t paying much attention to what she was doing. She posted a few pictures of her face that showed a cut on her cheek that appears to be more than an inch long.

She stated in the same post that she tried to reach out to the salon’s management for compensation but she said they will not pay for any medical bills that she would have for treating her wound and they still charged her RM 78 (around P 1,000) for the service since the eyelash extension was completed.

For compensation, she said they only gave her a cream to put on the cut and sunblock. She closes her post by saying the salon should have done better with treating their customer since their staff was at fault.

UPDATE:  Malinder updated her post and she said the salon has reached out to her afterwards. They helped her by covering her skin specialist visit for her cheek. Regarding the eyelash extension charge, she was given a full refund plus an additional RM 20.


You can read Malinder’s post here:

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Posted by Malinder Lee on Monday, March 11, 2019