Woman Recalls Past Relationship and How She Got Away From It

Being in a relationship is a dream come true for most people while for others, it may become a living nightmare. Cheche Minguez openly shares her experience in Facebook of when she was still with her ex-partner, how he would mistreat her, and how she got away.

Image Credit: Cheche Minguez/Facebook

She starts off with saying that it’s been two months as of her post when she escaped from her partner and she even gave a special mention to the Grab driver that helped her. She recalled how she would be yelled at, hurt physically even when in front of her child, and be shamed in public, and it would make her cry at night whenever she remembers it.

She also started thanking the ones that helped her through her struggles: God for giving her strength, her friends for always talking to her and being supportive and kept advising her of what she needs to do (though in the same post she said she initially didn’t listen because she was “blinded by love”), and she also thanked her current partner for being understanding and accepting her and of her past. She also mentioned that she kept a few secrets from her family but they still accepted her after learning everything.

She then went on to say that she now has a new partner after two months and that she will ignore the “three month rule” for changing relationships. She elaborated the things that she deserved and comparing it to what she was receiving from her ex-partner, like being told “I love you” instead of being bad-mouthed, and she deserved hugs instead of punches and kicks. She also said she shouldn’t be judged about getting into another relationship quickly as “it’s only going to happen once.”

Image Credit: Cheche Minguez/Facebook

She also added that she’s still paying for her ex-partner’s cellphone through her credit card.

Finally, she closes her post by saying that because your partner loves you, he can’t just hurt you in any way, and that if you feel like you are not getting the love that you deserve, there will be others that will give that to you, and her story is proof of that.

You can read Cheche’s post here:

Never seen my self this genuinely happy (and fat) for quite sometime. I’m posting this to remind myself that my battle…

Posted by Cheche Minguez on Wednesday, February 20, 2019