Woman Makes Fun of Former Classmate’s Fat Wife at Reunion, Ends Up Losing Her Job

It is sad that many of us do judge others according to their appearance but if you sometimes think that other people don’t look good, perhaps you should just keep your opinion to yourself?

One woman made fun of a former classmate’s fat wide during their school reunion but she ended up losing her job due to her judgmental and tactless personality.

An unnamed company executive shared the story of how he had met the woman of his dreams, a gorgeous lady with a slim body. There were a number of ladies who chased him during their college years but he only had eyes for this lovely lady who would later become his wife.

The man’s lovely wife also helped him get a job in her dad’s company where he now holds an important position.

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A few years later, the couple had a baby but birth complications led to the wife requiring certain medications and treatments whose side effects included making her fat. But though her eyes and face became puffy and her body fat, the man continued to love her with all his heart.

Her body might have changed but her personality never wavered; she remained the kind, bright person the young executive met.

The two never had a problem with their relationship, despite the changes in her figure.

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One day, the young executive brought his wife to a school reunion but once there, he noticed how his former classmates seemed to judge his wife because of her looks. It came as a surprise to him, especially because he didn’t find anything wrong with having a fat wife.

When it was time to introduce my wife, I could feel that all eyes were on us. Though they tried their best to keep a poker face, I could still hear some of them whispering to each other and worse, I heard some giggling but I tried to brush it off,” the man shared. “Perhaps that was just me overthinking.

Most of his classmates and their wives were polite, anyway, but one woman suddenly made her way to their table and decided to make fun of his wife. He realized this was one of the ladies who liked him in college.

Hi, old friend! Haven’t seen you for years. Good for you. It looks like you are married to a ‘very beautiful lady!’” the woman sarcastically told him.

The man was shocked by the words and saw his wife’s face fall but the woman just laughed, not realizing she had hurt the couple deeply.

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But the wife was soon smiling mysteriously as she stood up to make a phone call. When she returned, the man noticed that his former classmate received a phone call shortly afterwards. This left the woman crying but she wouldn’t tell anyone what’s wrong.

Amid the drama, the executive’s wife asked if they could go home. They did.

The confused man asked what happened back there and his wife admitted that she was rather hurt by the woman’s words. However, she would have let that pass but she noticed that the woman works for her dad’s company.

Knowing that her father does not want rude, judgmental people with no manners representing his company, she told him about what the woman did. Even before the party ended, the woman lost her job. Ouch.

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