Woman Does a “Good Samaritan” and Gives Treat to a Man and His Daughter

An act of kindness could be as easy as letting an elderly person take your seat in a bus or even by just giving the correct directions to a person that can’t find his way. “Good Samaritans” as they can be called are not uncommon, and one Facebook post witnessed a touching scene inside a famous fastfood restaurant.

Facebook user Alexiefe Sulit Cataquiz posted a few pictures and a short video of what she witnessed. At first, if you’d read her caption, you’d think the person that she is pertaining to has done something bad, but if you read further she praising the woman in a flowery blouse because of the selfless act that she did.

The pictures and the video showed everything: The unnamed woman has led an elderly man and a girl who might have been his daughter inside and then she went on her way to fall in line to order food for them. The man and the girl appeared to have been begging for money at the front of the restaurant.

In the video that Alexiefe uploaded, it showed the woman personally bringing the food to the man and the girl. She thought carefully on what to order and she didn’t hold back: Softdrinks, fried chicken, spaghetti, and fries. She even bought a sundae for the little girl.

It also showed that the woman was with her family and were seated near the entrance which may be the reason why she noticed them begging outside. She also talked to the old man, as she wanted to make sure they eat all of the food that she bought and if there were leftovers they are to take them home, and then she said goodbye to them.

In the same video, the woman asked the man if “he can still see” while she was reassuring them that all the food that she bought was for them. A walking stick is noticeable on top of the table, indicating that the old man has poor eyesight.

You can read Alexiefe’s post here:

Shoutout po kay ate.. napakabuti po ng puso nyo..💕 talagang binigyan nyo pa ng sariling order ang mag.ama na nakita…

Posted by Alexiefe Sulit Cataquiz on Tuesday, March 5, 2019