‘Best Dressed’ People Shopping At Walmart. What Were They Thinking?

Who doesn’t love Walmart.  A one-stop-shop that has everything you need. From clothes, to food, to household items, and electronics, etc.etc. Why it’s not called a ‘supercenter’ for nothing.  But other than being a ‘supercenter’, Walmart seems to have a lot of fashionable male and female, young or old shoppers, who go shopping donning literally just anything they want to wear – that’s if they even want to wear something.

Photo Credit: geometroforum.com
Photo Credit: geometroforum.com

Is that hair? Or a mop?

We gathered some of the ‘best dressed’ Walmart shoppers caught by the mega retail chain’s camera. From guys wearing midrib, to plus-size girls wearing see-through tops, these photos are sure to make you laugh.


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