15 Offensive Vintage Ads That Are Sure To Be Banned Today. #12 Is So Sexist

Advertisements and slogans are powerful tools for a company’s or brand’s products and services to be noticed and picked up by consumers and customers. It’s something that should leave an impression to end users – good impression, that is, because whether we admit it or not, advertisements can greatly affect how a person discern things.

Although some of today’s advertisements and banners are unacceptable because of being downright offensive, early print ads are unbelievably sexist, racist, and totally obnoxious.  Have they been used today, they’d definitely get banned straight away after release .

Photo Credit: tentimesone.com
Photo Credit: tentimesone.com

This naughty Santa is never going to get his gift for smoking.

Here are 15 of the most outrageous vintage ads that are sure to piss you off.

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