Vendor Who Converted Wheelchair to Sell Ice Cream Earns Praise from Netizens

While many people are born poor and experience difficulties in life, what’s impressive is that they try their best to make the most of their situation, then try to do something about it so they can improve their lives.

That’s what happened to several people who became successful despite being dirt poor, because they strove hard to reach their dreams even if that meant working doubly or even triply hard just to earn money to send themselves to school.

But so is the case of a man who couldn’t walk properly, yet he converted his wheelchair so he could sell ice cream and still earn a living despite his condition.

Netizen Sherrylee Molina-Baliano was inspired by a wheelchair-bound vendor who was obviously having a difficult time moving his wheelchair up the inclined street yet did not give up. The man certainly lives a difficult life and had to sell his ice cream across town, yet he did not let his situation get him down.

Photo credit: Sherrylee Molina-Baliano / Facebook

Nakita ko yan kahapon si manong sa tapat ng simbahan sa Tungko, naglalako ng ice cream. (Itinalikod nya yung wheelchair nya kc nahihirapan syang ipadyak yung mga paa nya dahil paahon ang kalsada.)

Sa pagkakakita ko sa kanya mukhang na stroke po sya, pero matyaga syang naghahanap buhay para lang kumita ng pera. Sa mga nawawalan ng pag asa dahil sa kalagayan nila sana tularan nyo si manong, habang may buhay may pag-asa, pag gusto may paraan. Hanga po ako sa inyo, sa kabila ng inyong kalagayan nakukuha nyo pa rin mag hanap buhay.

Soon, a number of netizens commented that they had also seen the same vendor at their place, located far from Tungko! Some also revealed that this vendor comes all the way from Bagong Silang.

A number of netizens tagged civic-oriented program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (#KMJS) in hopes that this vendor’s plight will be noticed and that he would receive the help he greatly needed – perhaps someone would give him a modified motorcycle so he wouldn’t have to struggle in that wheelchair?

Source: Sherrylee Molina-Baliano / Facebook