Vendor Sells House to Send Daughters to US School, They Never Came Back Home

One dad sold his house to send his daughters to a school in the US, in hopes of providing them a better life, yet they never came back home afterwards. So, after 10 years of waiting, this dad finally took it upon himself to go on a trip to the US to visit them. Sad…

Known only as ‘Duyen’, a coffee vendor selling caffeinated beverages on his modified motorcycle on the streets of Vietnam, this dad only wanted the best for his daughters. They received scholarships to study in the US but he also sold his house as counterpart, providing them the money they needed to start their new life far away from home.

While it was understandable that his daughters were unable to come home throughout the years they were studying, Duyen would soon feel sad when they still didn’t visit him despite having successful careers now.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

One of Duyen’s daughters is now a doctor while the other is a professor. Both have successful careers but were too busy to come home. So, the old vendor decided that if his daughters could not come home, he could still see them by traveling to the US on his own.

After saving enough money and obtaining a visa, Duyen finally gets to see his daughters again. On his moving shop, he placed a sign that tells his loyal customers he would not be able to open his shop as he would be taking a 48-day break to visit his daughters from March 5 to April 21, 2019.

Photo credit: Guang Ming – World of Buzz

I don’t have any valuable things to bring to the US, so I will be bringing 3kg of coffee beans as presents,” Duyen told his customers.

Some people think his daughters are ungrateful and that Duyen shouldn’t have sacrificed their home for them, yet this loving dad doesn’t mind that at all.

It depends on how you want to view this matter. For me, my children are my biggest wealth!” he said.

Photo credit: Guang Ming – World of Buzz

The vendor explained that his daughters do call him frequently but just couldn’t visit because they are too busy now…

Source: World of Buzz