Strange Coincidences That Will Blow Your Mind. #4 Is Extremely Freaky.

You’ll never know when the universe is actually trying to create your destiny, or if everything that’s happening are just mere coincidences. These unexplained events have remain unresolved up to this day.

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Joseph Aigner, a popular Austrian potrait painter, attempted suicide three times in his life. All his attempts were intervened and stopped by the same Capuchin monk, who also was the one who conducted Aigner’s funeral when he finally succeeded on his fourth suicide attempt.

James Dean’s car being involved in a string of unfortunate events, the birth and death of Mark Twain relative to Hailey’s Comet’s appearance on earth, or identical twins sharing the same experiences in their lives despite being separated from birth and never really knowing about each other until they were 39 years old. These are occurences that will make you think: were they designed by fate or was it just a coincidence? Either way, the following are some of the strangest ‘coincidences’ that were ever told.

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