Train Station Doors Were Left Closed as Staff with Keys Overslept, Fails to Open it on Time

A hundred passengers of Chiltern Railways were left stranded outside its Oxford station on the morning of July 24, as the station doors were still closed and they could not get in.

Image from Daily Mail

It was later revealed that the railway employee who had the keys to the station and was supposed to open its doors failed to do so because he overslept.

One of the passengers waiting outside the station called the Chiltern Railways customer services, and another staff was sent to open the station doors.

Image from Francis Barr

The blunder reached the social media, as disappointed passengers vent their frustrations.

One of the passengers asked how the Oxford station was still closed and said that the first train has already left while almost 50 passengers were still waiting for the station’s doors to open.

Another one shared that the doors were unlocked at about 8 AM, so his wife, who needs to catch a plane going to Paris, just took the next train going to London. He added that one of the stranded passengers said that this was not the first time it happened.

On the other hand, a passenger was left wondering why the station has only one set of keys.

The management late apologized and said that they would look into the incident.

Source: Daily Mail